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Radha Madhav Divya Desh is the divine abode of Radha Madhav and the headquarters of Krishna Bhakti Prachar Sangh. Radha Madhav Divya Desh hosts an Ashram, Goshala, Vedic School and a beautiful temple. Radha Madhav Divya Desh is located at Vrindavan, around 12 kilometers from Mathura, UP, India. (approximately 3 hours drive from Delhi International Airport by taxi and approximately 10 km for Mathura train station)

The Ashram is located in a very serene part of central Vrindavan, covering several acres of land. Other facilities include a religious library, an auditorium for discourses, a guesthouse with 40 self contained rooms for spiritual delegates, devotees and visitors, student accommodation for up to 100 students from India and abroad.

Mandir program starts at 5.30 am each morning with Suprebhatam and finishes at 8.30pm each night with Sayan-Arti. Darsan is close between 12noon to 4 pm each day.

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  • Brahmotsav 2012 Brahmotsav 2012 was a great success. Pictures and other information will be made available once available.
    Posted 23 Feb 2012, 03:12 by Tushar Kapadia
  • Swami Anantacharyaji's South Pacific Schedule FFFFF Feb-12 March  Mar-12 April Apr-12 May May-12   WEEK 1 WEEK 1              4th to 10th KATHA AUCKLAND                            4/3/12  EKADASI  WEEK 1                        1st to 7th ...
    Posted 23 Feb 2012, 03:10 by Tushar Kapadia
  • Images from Brahmotsav 2011 Brahmotsav 2011 was a fabulous event and once again we were blessed with the presence of Swamiji. A snapshot of the events are captured below. Hope to see you in ...
    Posted 22 Mar 2011, 13:13 by Tushar Kapadia
  • Brahmotsav Celebrations Brahmotsav dates for the next ten years:- 2010 23rd Jan. to 28th Jan.2011 11th Feb. to 16th Feb.2012 31st Jan. to 5th ...
    Posted 20 Oct 2010, 02:15 by Tushar Kapadia
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About Krishna Bhakti Prachar Sangh

Krishna Bhakti Prachar Sangh was founded by Swami Anantacharaya Ji Maharaj. Swamiji has established this organization and ashram in Vrindavan with the divine purpose of providing genuine education to students in Vedic scriptures like Srimad Bhagavat, Ramayan, Bhagavat Gita to preach Krishna bhakti around the world.

Krishna Bhakti Prachar Sangh is an international organization with branches in USA, Canada, Australia and Fiji Island

s. Swamiji has been spreading Krishna Bhakti outside India since 1983, having done Katha in 35 out of the 50 states of USA. He has also preached in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, China, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, West Indies and Panama.

If you would like to orgainse a Spiritual Discourse in your area, please contact us directly to make arrangements.